Two new species of Pyrrhargiolestes, with a key to the males (Odonata: Argiolestidae)

Two new species belonging to the endemic New Guinea genus Pyrrhargiolestes are described from Papua New Guinea: P. lamington sp. nov. (holotype: Mount Lamington, Oro Province, dep. in RMNH) and P. yela sp. nov. (holotype: Rossel Island, Milne Bay Province, dep. in USNM). The presumed male of P. aulicus is described for the first time….

The levis group of Orthemis revisited: a synopsis including a synonymy and description of six new species of Orthemis from South America (Odonata: Libellulidae)

The levis and ferruginea groups of Orthemis are redefined. Six new species of Orthemis are described: O. aciculata sp. nov. (♂ holotype: Surinam, Para Dist., road near forest, Zanderij I (5°32′ N, 55°10′ W), 17 January 1957, leg. J. Belle [RMNH]), O. celata sp. nov. (♂ holotype: Brazil, Pará State, Rio Gurupí, Canindé (0°30′57′ ′…

Two new species of Metaleptobasis from Central Ecuador (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)

Two new species of Metaleptobasis from Ecuador are described and illustrated. Metaleptobasis gibbosa (holotype ♂, allotype \female: Ecuador, Pastaza Province, forest wetlands, Los Copales, between Mera and Shell, 01° 29′ 30′′ S, 078° 04′ 19′′ W, elevation 1070 m, 20–22 September 2005, leg. K. J. Tennessen; deposited in Florida State Collection of Arthropods) appears related…

Two new species of Argiolestes from Papua New Guinea (Odonata: Megapodagrionidae)

Two new species of the New Guinean megapodagrionid genus Argiolestes are described: A. tuberculiferus (holotype ♂ Papua New Guinea, Simbu Province, 6°43′S, 145°05′E; 900 m, 14 xii 2003) and A. verrucatus (holotype ♂ Papua New Guinea, Sandaun Province, 4°48′S, 141°39′E; 1,700-2,100 m, 08 ix 2004). We further provide additional descriptions and ecological data of new…

Five new species of Orthemis from South America (Odonata: Libellulidae)

Five new species of the levis-group of Orthemis, O. cinnamomea (holotype ♂ in USNM: Peru, Madre de Dios Department, Explorer’s Inn on Río Tambopata, 12°50′S, 69°17′W, 300 m, 23 vii 2002, leg. D. Paulson & N. Smith), O. coracina (holotype ♂ in USNM: Ecuador, Sucumbios Province, Limoncocha, 00°24′S, 76°36′W, 300 m, 23 vii 1977, leg.