Odonate-related Web Resources

Dragonfly Biodiversity. Information from the Slater Museum of Natural History, University of Puget Sound. Site maintained by Dennis Paulson

Günter Bechly’s Odonatology website. A site with lots of information and pictures; it also provides links to other sites that contain information on both fossil and recent Odonata.

International Dragonfly Fund (IDF). Purpose is to promote dragonfly protection and research

International Odonata Research Institute, by Bill Mauffray (iodonata at bellsouth.net). The site offers a portal to species list and images from all over the world; email contacts from around the world, available books and supplies, and lots more

Observado.org. A website to register your sightings of dragonflies in the world

OdonataCentral, by John C. Abbott. A site containing information about the distribution, biogeography and biodiversity of Odonata of the Western Hemisphere, especially North America

Odonatological Bibliography, compiled by Günter Bechly.

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