The levis group of Orthemis revisited: a synopsis including a synonymy and description of six new species of Orthemis from South America (Odonata: Libellulidae)


The levis and ferruginea groups of Orthemis are redefined. Six new species of Orthemis are described: O. aciculata sp. nov. (♂ holotype: Surinam, Para Dist., road near forest, Zanderij I (5°32′ N, 55°10′ W), 17 January 1957, leg. J. Belle [RMNH]), O. celata sp. nov. (♂ holotype: Brazil, Pará State, Rio Gurupí, Canindé (0°30′57′ ′ S, 51°14′00′ ′ W), 27–28 February 1966, leg. B. Malkin [RMNH]), O. faaseni sp. nov. (♂ holotype: Brazil, Rondônia State, Porto Velho (8°46′ S, 63°54′ W), 28 February 1922, leg. J.H. Williamson & J.W. Strohm [UMMZ]), O. garrisoni sp. nov. (♂ holotype: Panama, Panamá Prov., 7 km NW of Gamboa, Pipeline Road, trail near palm forest, 30 July 1979, leg. RWG & J.A. Garrison [FSCA]), O. paulsoni sp. nov. (♂ holotype: Ecuador, Sucumbíos Prov., forest trail ca. 3 km W of Shushufindi (0°09′59′ ′ N, 76°41′30′ ′ W), 14 October 2009, leg. K.J. Tennessen [FSCA]), and O. teres sp. nov. (♂ holotype: Bolivia, Cochabamba Dept., Chapare, Cristal Mayo (17°00′57′ ′ N, 65°38′09′ ′ W), October/November 1994, leg. R. Andreas [FSCA]). Orthemis plaumanni Buchholz is found to be a junior synonym of O. ambinigra Calvert. A lectotype is designated for O. concolor Ris. All species of the levis group and the new species of the ferruginea group described here are diagnosed, illustrated, mapped, and keyed.

Issue section: Article