We are an international organization dedicated to research, conservation and public awareness of dragonflies and damselflies (collectively called Odonata).

Dragonflies and damselflies are predators as aquatic larvae and as winged adults. In this way, they connect aquatic and terrestrial habitats from deserts to tropical rain forests. Their intimate connection to water makes odonates useful bioindicators of ecological health of their habitats and proxies for general biodiversity.

We invite all dragonfly enthusiasts, nature lovers, citizen scientists, students, academics and professionals to join us as members of our international family!

Emergence is a crucial moment in an insects life and losing their attachment during this situation can be fatal ...
Read more about it here: Adaptations of dragonfly larvae and their exuviae (Insecta: Odonata), ... https://t.co/e0U6AurDRX

James Holden describes Gynacantha cattienensis from #Vietnam in 2017. A species he discovered in 2014 in the cat tien national park. Check out the cool #tattoo he has of this species. #dragonfly19 #dragonfly #AustinTx

A. Palmata in the west of United States is the champion of the spin dry behavior. They spin at 1000rpm at 10g 🤯 #dragonfly19 #dragonfly #AustinTx

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