What is the WDA?

The Worldwide Dragonfly Association is an international organization dedicated to the study, appreciation, and conservation of dragonflies and damselflies around the world. We are a welcoming community of professionals and enthusiasts who all share a love for these magnificent insects. See About for more information.

Why should I become a member of WDA?

The benefits of WDA membership are outlined on our Membership Resources page and we have big plans to add additional benefits over the next few years!

Can I change my membership type?

Yes, indeed! Existing members can upgrade or downgrade their membership at any time by logging in and visiting the Membership Levels page. Your current level will be indicated in green. After you select a new membership type, you will be directed to a checkout page in order to complete your membership subscription. Your previous subscription payment will be cancelled and a new subscription payment will be created. Your increased or decreased access will not be confirmed until a successful subscription payment has been received for your new membership type. Changes to electronic access to the International Journal of Odonatology (eIJO) should take effect immediately.

How do I change or reset my account password?

Enter your username or email address into this form and you’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password. Still having problems? No problem! Email Will at webmaster at worlddragonfly dot org and he’ll help you out 🙂

How can I add or remove myself from the Membership Directory?

During registration, check the “Please exclude my profile…” box to prevent your name and profile from being visible to other members in the Membership Directory. Leaving the box unchecked will make your information visible in the directory.
After registration, log in (upper right corner) and go to Edit Profile. Check or uncheck the “exclude your profile…” box to control the visibility of your profile in the directory.

How can I access International Journal of Odonatology, electronically?

All IJO membership categories include electronic access to all past and future issues of IJO. Register for one of these categories, then log in, navigate to the Journal page, and click Access IJO (green button). This will redirect you to the IJO page on the publisher’s website (Taylor & Francis), behind the paywall. The words “Access provided by Worldwide Dragonfly Association WDA” at the top of that page indicate that you have full access to IJO.

When should I expect to receive my first print issue of the International Journal of Odonatology?

In general, IJO issues are printed quarterly, although issues two issues are sometimes combined. The timing for mailing these issues is variable. Which issues you receive in a year will depend upon the date that you subscribe to (print) IJO. To ensure that you receive every issue (typically issues 1-4) in a year’s volume of IJO, please register or renew your membership by January 1 for that year. Remember, all print subscriptions to IJO come with electronic access to all past and future issues.

Can I order back issues of the International Journal of Odonatology?

Back issues may be purchased directly through Taylor & Francis (subject to availability) by emailing ordersupport at tandf dot co dot uk

Can I automatically renew my WDA membership?

Why yes you can! When you register, just make sure the box under “Would you like to set up automatic renewal?” is checked and that’s it. Your card will be automatically billed annually. You’ll receive an email 7 days prior to your next renewal, reminding you that it’s about to occur.

How do I cancel my WDA membership?

Just log into the site (Log In in the upper right corner) then navigate here to cancel. We’ll be sad to see you go!

I’ve moved. How can I change the address where my copy of IJO is sent?

Log in and go to Edit Profile where you can change your shipping address.

How does Family membership work?

Family membership gives access for up to 4 family members for a reduced rate. One family member will first need to select one of the Family categories at registration and complete their purchase. They will then receive a link allowing up to 3 other family members to register with this website under their family plan (for no additional charge). The link will be emailed to the “parent” family member upon sign-up and is also accessible under their Account page, as is a list of all family members registered under the parent account. Any registered family member can access IJO electronically by logging in and visiting the Journal page.
Under the Family IJO plan, your family will receive 1 print copy of each issue of IJO at the specified shipping address.

What happens if I cancel my Family membership account?

Access to electronic IJO and other members-only features of this website will be removed for you and all the family members registered under your account. If you then choose to re-activate your “parent” family account at a later time, access to these features will be reinstated for you and all family members, automatically.