In view of the ICO2021 postponement to 2023, the WDA is organizing a virtual online event for 15th July 2021. The meeting will take place on Zoom and will commence at 10 AM GMT. There will be the screening of the winners of the short videos of field work contest, plenary talks by members about work being done on each continent, and “My Dragon River” movie screening by Georg and Dagmar Rüppell. The Biennial WDA Board Meeting will also be held virtually during this meeting, to which attendance by all members is welcome.


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Update: Note updated times.

Time in GMT/EDT/TokyoEventDetails
10:00/5:00/18:00Welcome and introduction of board membersHost: Jessica Ware
10:30/5:30/18:30Video contest entriesHost: Chris Beatty
11:00/6:00/19:00Breakout rooms & socializingHost: Göran Sahlén
11:30/6:30/19:30Biennial General MeetingHost: Jessica Ware & Yoshi Tsubaki
12:30/7:30/20:30Plenary talks (~10 minutes each):
– South America: Federico Lozano
– North America: Bruce Archibald; Seth Bybee/Geode team
– Asia: K. A. Subramanian; Pungki Lupiyaningdyah
– Europe: TBD
– IUCN Species Specialist Group: Viola Clausnitzer, Federico Lozano
– Africa: Kehinde Kemabonta
– Australia: Richard Rowe
Host: Keith Wilson
14:30/8:30/21:30“My Dragon River” screening, by Georg Rüppell and Dagmar Hilfert-RüppellAnnouncer: Frank Suhling
16:00/10:00/23:00Breakout rooms & socializingHost: Peter Brown