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ICO2023 Paphos, Cyprus 25 – 30 June 2023

ICO2023 will be held in the resort town of Paphos, on Cyprus, an island country in the Mediterranean, which offers great value for money. The congress venue will be Neapolis University, which has modern facilities and onsite accommodation.

We’ll get together at a welcome cocktail reception on Sunday 25 June. There will be four days of presentations, workshops, poster sessions, discussion forums etc. The mid-congress field trip will explore sites along the Diarizos River, the most species rich of Cyprus’ rivers, ascending into the Troodos Mountain area for a late lunch. The congress will close with our congress dinner on Friday 30 June. There will then be an optional 3-day post-congress field trip.

June is the optimum month for odonatologists to visit Cyprus, when dragonflies are most abundant and the charismatic species Epallage fatime (Odalisque), Anax immaculifrons (Magnificent Emperor), Europe’s largest dragonfly, and Caliaeschna microstigma (Eastern spectre) and the island’s speciality, Ischnura intermediate (Persian Bluetail) are at their peak.

Cyprus has a modest 38 species of dragonflies, but a unique mix of European, Asian and African species, and is the only place in Europe where the rare Ischnura intermedia (Persian Bluetail) occurs and one of the few places in Europe where Anax immaculifrons (Magnificent Emperor), Europe’s largest dragonfly, Orthetrum chrysostigma (Epaulet skimmer), Orthetrum sabina (Slender Skimmer), Orthetrum taeniolatum (Small Skimmer), Trithemis arteriosa (Red-veined Dropwing) and Trithemis festiva (Indigo Dropwing) can be seen.