Three new species of Argiolestes, with a key to the males of Argiolestes s. str. (Odonata: Megapodagrionidae)


In this article the genus Argiolestes s.str. is defined and three new species belonging to this group are described: A. foja sp. nov. (holotype: Foja Mountains, Indonesia, dep. in MBB}); A. muller sp. nov. (holotype: Baia River, Papua New Guinea, dep. in SAMA); A. roon sp. nov. (holotype: Roon Island, Indonesia, dep. in BPBM). New records for A. alfurus are given, a key to males is presented and a map of the distribution of the species is shown. Both sexes of A. muller and the male of A. roon are depicted in life. The group is distributed from New Guinea over the Moluccas to Sulawesi. As far as is known all species are confined to forest brooks.

Issue section: Article