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Manpreet Kohli, coordinator


Manpreet is a postdoctoral fellow at the American Museum of Natural History, studying odonate systematics and evolution. Manpreet’s focal taxa of interests are holarctic and circumboreal dragonflies. Manpreet has been a member of and served WDA since 2013. 

Rhema Dike


Rhema is a student and research assistant at the University of Lagos in Nigeria. Rhema studies the diversity, distribution, and taxonomy of Odonata in Southwestern Nigeria. He also studies odonates as indicators of water quality.

Danielle Husband

Danielle is a biology masters student at Texas Tech University. Her research focuses on west Texas odonates at undersampled and imperiled wetlands.

Emily Sandall


Emily is a postdoctoral research associate at the Center for Biodiversity & Global Change at Yale University. Her work focuses on functional traits and global distribution of dragonflies, with a particular fondness for larval odonates.

Will Kuhn, webmaster


Will is an admirer of dragonflies and an aspiring naturalist. He is the Director of Science and Research at Discover Life in America, which works to catalog all the species living in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He has served as WDA’s webmaster since 2017.