A synopsis of the genus Rhinagrion with description of two new species from the Philippines (Odonata: Megapodagrionidae)


A synopsis is given of the knowledge of the genus Rhinagrion. The males of two new species are described from the Philippines: R. schneideri sp. nov. (holotype: Samar Island, Hinubangan, San Isidro, 31 March–5 April 1992) and R. reinhardi sp. nov. (holotype: Mindanao Island, Surigao del Sur, Carmen, 24 April 1995). Rhinagrion yokoii is synonymized with R. hainanense and R. viridatum is removed from synonymy with R. mima. A key to the males is given and the distribution of all species is discussed and maps are provided. The scant information available on behaviour and habitat is summarized.

Issue section: Article