Two new species of Argiolestes from Papua New Guinea (Odonata: Megapodagrionidae)


Two new species of the New Guinean megapodagrionid genus Argiolestes are described: A. tuberculiferus (holotype ♂ Papua New Guinea, Simbu Province, 6°43′S, 145°05′E; 900 m, 14 xii 2003) and A. verrucatus (holotype ♂ Papua New Guinea, Sandaun Province, 4°48′S, 141°39′E; 1,700-2,100 m, 08 ix 2004). We further provide additional descriptions and ecological data of new specimens of A. fornicatus. We briefly discuss the status of several other nominal taxa in Argiolestes based on observations of some recent collections.

Issue section: Article