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Abstract submission deadline: April 30, 2019 May 15, 2019 (extended)

Use the form below to submit an abstract for a presentation or poster for ICO2019.


Submit an abstract (poster or presentation)

  1. Read Information for Presenters before submitting an abstract
  2. Set up an account for the Abstract Submission Portal (do not use WDA account credentials)
  3. Log in with your Abstract Submission Portal credentials
  4. Click “+ New Abstract” to submit a presentation or poster
  5. Enter a title and abstract (follow Author Guidelines below)
  6. Select poster or presentation under Submission Type
  7. Enter author information. Use the “+” to add additional authors. Note: the first author entered here will be treated as the presenting author
  8. Read the Terms and Conditions and click the checkbox to agree to them
  9. Click Submit to complete the submission process. Done!

Abstract Guidelines

  • LENGTH: 250 words, maximum
  • LANGUAGE: American English
  • ITALICS: italicize species names in the abstract title and text
  • SPECIES AUTHOR: include the species author in abstract text. E.g., Ischnura kellicotti Williamson, Anax junius (Drury)
  • CONTENT: where appropriate, please construct your abstract like a very short scientific paper, including a mini introduction, methods, results (or expected results) and discussion section. Do not include headings such as “Introduction”
  • SUBMISSIONS ARE FINAL: abstracts cannot be edited after submission (this is to speed up the review process)
  • MORE INFORMATION: Information for Presenters

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PLEASE NOTE: We are trying out this online system for submitting abstracts for the first time this year. We hope it will save everyone time and energy, but it may not be perfect. We thank you for your patience. Having trouble submitting an abstract? Please contact Will (willkuhn@crossveins.com). He’ll be happy to help you 😀