The International Journal of Odonatology (IJO) aims to provide a publication outlet for the growing number of students of Odonata. It addresses subjects such as the ecology, ethology, physiology, genetics, taxonomy, phylogeny and geographic distribution of species.

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Reviews are by invitation, but authors who plan to write a review on a subject of interest to the journal are encouraged to contact the editor.

IJO is published by Taylor and Francis. It was first published by Backhuys Publishers until 2004 ( issue 7(1) ) and then self-published by the WDA until 2010 ( issue 13(2) ).


John C. Abbott, USA (jabbott1 at

Content Editors

Klaas-Douwe B. Dijkstra, The Netherlands (dijkstra at, Taxonomy
Ola Fincke, USA (fincke at, Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology
Stanislav Gorb, Germany (sgorb at, Morphology
Frank Suhling, Germany (f.suhling at, Larval Biology
Jessica Ware, USA (jware42 at, Molecular Systematics & Population Genetics

Editorial Board

Andreas Martens, Germany (martens at
Dennis R. Paulson, USA (dennispaulson at
Elena Malikova, Russia (E_malikova at
Göran Sahlén, Sweden (goran.sahlen at
Gunther Theischinger, Australia (gunther.theischinger at
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