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Editorial Board International Journal of Odonatology, Volume 16, Issue 4, Page ebi, 2013https://doi.org/10.1080/13887890.2013.877644Published: 1 December 213 Full text PDF Copyright information Issue section: Editorial

Odonata species of special concern for Oklahoma, USA

Assessment of conservation status is a necessary step before management plans can be formulated. Historically such assessments have a strong bias toward vertebrates, particularly endothermic terrestrial vertebrates (i.e. birds and mammals). Invertebrates, by contrast, tend to be ignored, and many insect groups, despite being species rich and reasonably well studied, such as the Odonata (damselflies…

Description of the larva of Argia jujuya Ris (Coenagrionidae) with a key to species from the Argentinean Yungas cloud forest

The previously unknown larva of Argia jujuya Ris, 1913 is described, diagnosed and illustrated. Among other characters, the following combination is important to distinguish it from other species in the genus: antennae with six concolorous segments, ligula projected only slightly, row of small premental setae present, abdominal sternum 8 almost entirely covered with spiniform setae,…

Peristicta guarellae sp. nov. from Brazil (Odonata: Protoneuridae)

Peristicta guarellae sp. nov. (holotype: Brazil, Paraná State, Exc. 399/col. 3, stream in km 50 of Curitiba-Ponta Grossa route [BR 376], about 25°20′08″ S, 49°51′15″ W, 21 November 1971, N. D. Santos leg., deposited in the Collection of “Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is described and illustrated. An