Corrigendum International Journal of Odonatology, Volume 14, Issue 4, Page 341, 2011 1 December 211 Full text PDF Copyright information Issue section: Miscellany

Morphometric and molecular studies on the populations of the damselflies Chalcolestes viridis and C. parvidens (Odonata, Lestidae)

Morphometric and genetic differences were analysed for two closely related damselflies, Chalcolestes viridis and C. parvidens. A total of 305 male individuals were collected from six European countries (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Portugal). Measurements from a total of 28 populations of C. viridis and C. parvidens and several intermediate forms were collected to…

Dysphaea haomiao sp. nov. from China and Vietnam (Odonata: Euphaeidae)

Dysphaea haomiao sp. nov. (holotype ♂, China, Guizhou, Libo County, Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, Zhangjiang River, alt. c.450 m, 7 May 2007) is described and illustrated for both sexes. The male differs from its closest congeners, Dysphaea basitincta and D. gloriosa, by the blackish, completely opaque coloration of its wings.

Oligoclada mortis sp. nov. from Rondônia State, Brazil, and distributional records of other species of the genus (Odonata: Libellulidae)

Oligoclada mortis sp. nov. (holotype male deposited in MZSP: Brazil, Rondônia State, Porto Velho municipality, “T[ransect] 5-21, seg[ment]12” (09°35′19′′S, 65°02′50′′W, 106 m asl, 13 v 2010, leg. Nogueira & Mendes) is described and illustrated based on two males. The new species fits within Borror’s Group III, differing from all other described species in the genus by…