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Information for Authors International Journal of Odonatology, Volume 11, Issue 1, Page 130, 2008 1 April 2008 Full text PDF Copyright information Issue section: Miscellany

Blues for the red Oxyagrion: a redefinition of the genera Acanthagrion and Oxyagrion (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)

Examination of diagnostic features for all known species of Acanthagrion and Oxyagrion shows color pattern alone not to be a reliable diagnostic character. Both genera are redefined based on morphological characters, and some color pattern characters which further aid in their diagnoses. A preliminary phylogenetic analysis indicates both genera are monophyletic. They are distinguished from…

The ovipositor of the relic dragonfly Epiophlebia superstes: a morphological re-examination (Odonata: Epiophlebiidae)

The morphology of the endophytic ovipositor in Epiophlebia superstes was studied with light and electron microscopy with special emphasis made on the musculature and microsculpture of the exoskeleton. Structural characters are described and illustrated. The musculature of the ovipositor has many similarities with zygopterans. The ovipositor and 10th adominal segment bear groups of setae and…

European Odonata as hosts of Forcipomyia paludis (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

The biting midge Forcipomyia (Pterobosca) paludis is the only ceratopogonid species known to parasitise Odonata imagines in Europe. In this study, based mainly on the analysis of about 200 photographically documented cases, data on host species, parasite load and undisturbed position on the odonate body were analysed. The list of hitherto known hosts is extended…

Libellago orri sp. nov. from northern Borneo (Odonata: Chlorocyphidae)

Libellago orri sp. nov. (holotype ♂: Borneo, Sarawak, Bahagian Bintulu, Samarakan, Sg. Gagak, 06 iii 2006, to be deposited in BMNH) from Malaysian Borneo is described from the male sex and compared with L. hyalina, which co-occurs at the same sites. Females of the two species cannot be reliably separated at present.

Noguchiphaea mattii sp. nov. from southern Vietnam (Odonata: Calopterygidae)

Noguchiphaea mattii sp. nov. (Hon Ba Nature Reserve, 12°23′N, 109°08′E, Khanh Hoa Province, southern Vietnam, leg. 29 iv 2006, to be deposited in Zoology Collection, Hanoi University of Science) is described from the male sex and compared with N. yoshikoae, a species collected for the first time in Vietnam in Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc Province.