Macromia weerakooni sp. nov. (Odonata: Anisoptera: Macromiidae), a new dragonfly species from Sri Lanka


The genus Macromia is represented in Sri Lanka by two endemic species. In this paper a third presumed endemic species is described based on a single male specimen collected at Kirikitta, Weliweriya, Western Province in the low country wet zone of the country. Macromia weerakooni sp. nov. differs from its congeners in Sri Lanka by having turquoise blue eyes, an entirely black labrum, a short yellow ante-humeral stripe, an interrupted yellow stripe on the anterior margin of metepisternum and differences in the secondary genitalia and anal appendages. As this is the only record of the species knowledge of its natural history and distribution is limited. This discovery highlights the need for further systematic surveys of Odonata in Sri Lanka using sampling methods suitable for the detection of elusive species.

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