Description of the final stadium larva of Calicnemia sinensis Lieftinck, with discussion of the larval characters of genus Calicnemia Strand (Odonata: Zygoptera: Platycnemididae)


The final stadium larva of Calicnemia sinensis Lieftinck is described and illustrated in detail. It is characterized by (1) palpal lobe of prementum with two end hooks of unequal size, the inner longer and sharper, and the outer shorter and stouter; (2) inner side of palpal lobe with five long setae above and two or three short ones below; (3) wing sheaths parallel to each other, reaching beyond the distal margin of abdominal segment 6; and (4) caudal gills strongly ridged, median gill large and broad, more than 2 times of lateral gill in width.

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