The life cycle of Orthemis ferruginea (Fabricius, 1775) (Odonata: Libellulidae)


The complete life cycle of O. ferruginea is described for the first time, represent the first complete life cycle described for an odonate in Mexico. The 17 larval instars obtained are described and illustrated in detail, from prolarva through F-0. Two egg batches of different females were obtained in the field and were subsequently reared in the laboratory. Eggs and larvae of the batches were raised under 26°C controlled temperature conditions until they reached instars F-6 and F-5. An extra collection of wild organisms was made in order to complete the life cycle from F-5. Only four of the wild larvae managed to complete the last five missing larval instars at 30°C. Larvae of the youngest instars (F-15 to F-8) were fed nauplii of Artemia franciscana, while F-7 to F-0 were fed larvae of Culicidae and Chironomidae. Larval life cycle from F-0 to F-16 lasted average of 186 days.

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