Life history and secondary production of the Chinese endemic damselfly Euphaea opaca (Odonata: Euphaeidae)


Euphaea opaca Selys, 1853 is an endemic damselfly to China, but little is known about its biology and ecology. In this study, we investigated the life history and secondary production of E. opaca in a third order subtropical stream of Guangdong, China. Larvae were collected monthly from October 2010 to September 2011 using a Surber net with six replicates from riffle areas. The results show that E. opaca exhibited a univoltine life history in South China with recruitment from August to February of the following year; adults first appeared in late April and ended in early September, the flight period roughly coinciding with the rainy season. The mean nymphal density ranged from 1.85 individuals m–2 (July) to 81.48 individuals m–2 (January) during the study period. Estimated annual secondary production was 1240.4 mg DWm–2 year–1, and annual production/biomass ratio (P/B) was 6.4.

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