Microneura is a junior synonym of Protoneura (Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae)


Microneura caligata (Hagen in Selys, 1886) is an endangered damselfly presently known from five localities in the central mountains of Cuba. The precise systematic position of this species within the former Neotropical Protoneuridae has been the subject of debate, with previous results from a phylogenetic analysis based on morphology suggesting that the genus Microneura should be placed within the genus Protoneura. Here, we used mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequencing to disentangle the taxonomic status of this species. Our results show that Microneura belongs to the Protoneura clade, thus making Microneura a junior synonym of Protoneura. Finally, we provide notes on some observations of emergence and ovipositing behaviour of this species.

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