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Dear WDA members,

You may not have received invitations to renew your membership or subscription to IJO for this or last year. Perhaps you did not receive issues of IJO and wonder why. One reason, but surely not the only reason, may have been that we and T&F do not have your recent physical and/or email addresses. Some of you may have moved or changed email addresses and we would like to update our records to reflect this. Please understand that it has been very difficult for us to follow up on address changes, and thus we are writing to you now for your assistance. Have we “lost” some of you from our member database? Please send your current email address to wda.secretary@gmail.com and Alison.Paskins@tandf.co.uk so that we may update our records.

Thank you!


Jessica (WDA Secretary, wda.secretary@gmail.com) and Frank (WDA President)

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