Announcing the 2019 International Congress of Odonatology Webpage

The 2019 International Congress of Odonatology will be held in downtown Austin, Texas in the southern US from 14-18 July 2019 and the congress page is now live on the WDA website at

The Austin area boasts 116 species of dragonflies and damselflies, making this an exciting spot for our next ICO! The congress will be hosted by the WDA and is open to anyone (scientists and enthusiasts) with a keen interest in studying and conserving dragonflies and damselflies. It will include a number of exciting talks and posters from the international community, a student mixer, a Congress Dinner complete with boat ride and bat-watching, a Friday field trip to some dragonfly hotspots in Austin, and things for non-odonatist companions to do in the area. For the post-Congress trip, we’ll travel to the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas to see the Neotropical fauna that just makes it into the United States. Registration for ICO2019 will open in Summer 2018.

In addition, the Dragonfly Society of the Americas Annual Meeting will take place in Austin just before ICO. Attend both for even more Odonatological mayhem! Stay tuned here for information about the DSA meeting.

See y’all in Austin,

~ The ICO2019 Organization Committee