Preliminary list of Odonata from the Colombian Amazon, with descriptions of Inpabasis nigridorsum sp. nov. & Diaphlebia richteri sp. nov. (Coenagrionidae & Gomphidae)


The Colombian Amazon is one of the most biodiverse and unexplored regions in the world. Inventories and deeper research are needed for most of its biota, including for dragonflies. This work reports the results of a trip to the Amazon region in order to collect Odonata. It includes revision of CBUCES, CEUA and ICN entomological collections and a literature survey of Colombian Amazon Odonata. Two undescribed species in the genera Diaphlebia and Inpabasis were found. Five genera and 21 species are recorded for the first time in Colombia. Accounts for undescribed species, new records for the country, natural history notes and a discussed list of Colombian Amazon Odonata are provided.

Issue section: Article