Description of a new Sinorogomphus from Northern Laos (Odonata: Chlorogomphidae)


Sinorogomphus hiten sp. nov. is described and illustrated from both sexes (holotype ♂: Laos, Oudomxay province [20°36′14″ N, 102°3′21″ E, 1075 m a.s.l.], deposited in the National Science Museum, Tokyo, Japan). This is also a first record of the genus from Laos. The new species is easily differentiated from the other congeners in the male by its characteristic anal appendages, i.e. a moderately obtuse ventral spine on cerci and conspicuous paired bifurcate dorsal spines on epiproct, and by the undeveloped valvulae vulvae in the female. Additionally we briefly mention our observations of the species in the field.

Issue section: Article