Rediscovery of Mesagrion leucorrhinum (Zygoptera: Megapodagrionidae): a “formal” description of female and ultimate stadium of larva with notes on habits


Adult female and ultimate stadium larva of Mesagrion leucorrhinum are formally described and illustrated based on material from three locations in Antioquia, Meta and Cundinamarca Departments, Colombia. The species is sexually dimorphic. The ♀ is distinguishable from other related genera by a pair of notches in the prothoracic anterior lobe and shares with Heteropodagrion and Dimeragrion females a yellowish, scarcely sclerotized region dorsally between the posterior margin of S7 and anterior border of S8. The larva is very similar to Heteropodagrion. Differences for separating them are: the pro-, meso- and metathoracic supracoxal processes are less prominent in Mesagrion, and the length of the terminal filament of the middle gill is notably longer in Mesagrion. The specimens were also compared with other related genera. Observations on habits are added.

Issue section: Article