A synopsis of the genus Philosina with descriptions of the larvae of P. alba and P. buchi (Odonata: Megapodagrionidae)


A synopsis of the genus Philosina is provided. Larvae of the two known species, P. alba and P. buchi are described for the first time. The distribution of both species is discussed and information on behaviour and habitat is summarized. The specialized larvae of Philosina show a strong resemblance to those of Rhinagrion, suggesting that they are sister genera. The unique characters of the larva, especially the arrangement and structure of the caudal lamellae, mean that neither genus fits into any of the currently recognized families of Zygoptera. It is noted that these genera could be placed in their own family. However, caution is exercised pending a better understanding of the family Megapodagrionidae based on DNA work, and they are therefore retained in Megapodagrionidae.

Issue section: Article