Redescription of Ceriagrion mourae with notes on its position in the genus Ceriagrion (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)


The poorly known Ceriagrion mourae is redescribed based on the first material from Zambia and compared with the similar C. banditum, C. junceum and C. suave. Molecular data place C. mourae as a sister taxon to the clade (C. bakeri (C. banditum, C. junceum)). Genetic distances between the above-mentioned species are similar at c.7–9% (K2P). Analysis of all published Ceriagrion COI sequences revealed a barcoding gap (c.2–6.5%) in the pairwise distance distribution and grouped African sequences according to the known species, except C. suave and C. glabrum. C. mourae was only found at a pool on a temporary stream, which differed from others in the study area by its combination of vegetation and shading. The Zambian locality and two earlier known sites in Mozambique and Tanzania are scattered across the plains and low hills of eastern and southern central Africa.

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