Seventeen new dragonfly records from Colombia and the confirmation of the synonymy of Philogenia monotis and P. tinalandia (Insecta: Odonata)


During 2.5 months of intensive fieldwork in Colombia (departments of Cauca, Nariño, and Putumayo, South America) from January to March 2017, we visited 13 localities and collected 291 specimens of 68 species of Odonata, including 17 new records for the country. We report range expansions for several species assessed as data deficient or under some degree of threat by the IUCN Red List. Furthermore, we confirmed that Philogenia tinalandia is a junior synonym of P. monotis, thus solving a longstanding enigma. We also report the rediscovery, after many decades, of Philogenia raphaella, P. sucra and Stenocora percornuta. The data we collected are an important contribution to the knowledge of the dragonfly diversity of the Colombian Andean region and its surroundings, including the nearby areas in Ecuador and Peru, countries with which the departments visited share boundaries.

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