A new species of Ceylonosticta Fraser, 1931 (Odonata: Zygoptera: Platystictidae) from Sri Lanka


A new species of Ceylonosticta from the wet zone of Sri Lanka is described and illustrated, namely Ceylonosticta goodalei sp. nov. (Kuruwita-Erathana foot path, Seethagangula, Adam’s Peak, Samanala Nature Reserve, Ratnapura, 6.8196°N, 80.4615°E, 1109 m asl). The species is described from male specimens only and the genital ligula is described and illustrated. Females are as yet unknown. A brief review of Ceylonosticta “species-groups” is provided, provisionally incorporating three recently described species (C. nancyae, C. rupasinghe, C. alwisi) as well as C. goodalei. A determination key is updated by addition of these four newly described Ceylonosticta species and now covers 22 endemic species of the genus hereto known from the island.

Issue section: Article