Description of the larva of Trineuragrion percostale Ris (Odonata: Megapodagrionidae) with a key to the larvae of New Caledonian genera of Megapodagrionidae


The larva of Trineuragrion percostale is described and illustrated based on an exuvia collected with the teneral female. Four more exuviae sampled without imagines are added for comparison and discussion of morphological variations. This is the first time the larva has been associated with the correct species, although the larval description was given earlier. Lieftinck included it in his analysis of New Caledonian Odonata larval fauna under the name Caledargiolestes uniseries (by supposition). Variations in the morphological features between Lieftinck’s specimens and those reported here are discussed. The key morphological features that differentiate larva of T. percostale from other Megapodagrionidae in the country are indicated.

Issue section: Article