Archineura incarnata (Karsch, 1892) and Atrocalopteryx melli (Ris, 1912) in southern China (Odonata: Calopterygidae)


The calopterygines Archineura incarnata and Atrocalopteryx melli are subtropical habitat specialists, endemic to China, and sensitive to environmental change. We identified several sites with environmental deterioration from which the species seem to have disappeared; these species can be used as indicators of human disturbance. In this paper their distribution in China is mapped and information on their habitat is given, based on literature records (from 1892 until 2012) with supplements from field investigations in 2008–2011. We analysed Chinese literature, which contained much useful information. In all, 57 sites in 12 provinces were found to contain the two species. Suitable habitats occur in small shaded headwater streamlets for A. melli, in rocky streams for Ar. incarnata. The ranges of both species form an arc that descends from 30°N, then in the east curves inland at the level of the tropic. Archineura incarnata is clearly the more common species, but both are perhaps not so rare as hitherto believed. The majority of populations are situated in the provinces of Guangdong, Fujian and Guangxi. Several provinces merit more study, but the absence of both calopterygids from Yunnan might well be real. Atrocalopteryx melli populates the mountains of Hainan, while Ar. incarnata is absent from the island.

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