Tukanobasis huamantincoae, a new species of damselfly from Peru (Odonata: Coenagrionidae), with updated generic characterization


Tukanobasis huamantincoae sp. n. (holotype ♂: Peru, Loreto Región [MUSM]) is described and illustrated. Males of T. huamantincoae can be distinguished from T. corbeti by the presence of postocular spots and antehumeral stripes, the absence of apical brown wingspots, smaller number of postnodals, shorter CuA, vein descending from quadrangle not forming straight line to wing margin, pterostigma in HW distally distinctly yellow, S8–10 orange/red, cerci more strongly curved and with apical blunt appendix, genital ligula with triangular lateral lobes and overall smaller body dimensions. With the description of this second species of Tukanobasis it becomes clear that some characters previously attributed to the genus are species-specific, requiring an updated generic characterization.


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