Description of last instar larva of Cordulegaster kalkmani (Odonata: Cordulegastridae)


The final instar larva of Cordulegaster kalkmani Schneider, Vierstraete, Müller, van Pelt, Caspers, Ikemeyer, Snegovaya & Dumont 2021 is described and illustrated based on one female exuvia collected in Alakabük, Bitlis province, Turkey, in July 2022. The exuvia of Cordulegaster kalkmani is compared with the exuviae of members of the “boltonii-group” in the eastern part of the Western Palaearctic: C. vanbrinkae, C. picta, and C. heros. The exuvia of C. kalkmani shows no clear distinction in comparison to the other members of the eastern “boltonii-group”.

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