Onychargia priydak sp. nov. (Odonata, Platycnemididae) from eastern Cambodia


Onychargia priydak sp. nov. is described from eastern Cambodia. The new species co-occurs with the widespread Onychargia atrocyana Selys, 1865 in the same region. Its males differ from those of O. atrocyana by a larger paraprocts, which are longer than the cerci, and a bright white pruinescence on thorax, femora and the two first abdominal segments. This is the second species in the genus Onychargia Selys, 1865. Onychargia vittigera Selys, 1865 is synonymised with O. atrocyana; Onychargia indica Sahni, 1964 does not belong in the genus Onychargia.

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