Identification of viruses associated with larvae of the dragonfly Leucorrhinia dubia, and damselfly Coenagrion puella from RNA sequencing data


Dragonflies and damselflies are hosts to a variety of parasites and pathogens. However, very few studies have investigated which viruses infect dragonflies and damselflies. Here, based on next generation RNA sequencing of RNA from Leucorrhinia dubia (Libellulidae, Anisoptera) and Coenagrion puella (Coenagrionidae, Zygoptera) larvae, data on putative viruses present in odonates are reported. In both species around 20 different putative viruses, often belonging to genera known from other insect species, were found. The annotated genome structure of one novel putative iflavirus in C. puella and new putative iflavirus, dicistrovirus and posa-lika viruses in L. dubia are described. The influence of these viruses on host fitness and their modes of transmission remain to be determined.

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