Odonata of Itatira, a Brazilian semi-arid area in the state of Ceará


The present study provides the first odonate survey for the Brazilian Caatinga, including species habitat information. Specimens were collected during five days in both dry and rainy seasons of 2011 in the municipality of Itatira, state of Ceará, located in the semi-arid region of northeastern Brazil. Adult individuals of 37 species were documented, the highest richness value thus far recorded for the region. Individuals of the majority of the species were recovered from small, temporary water bodies. In general, the local odonate community is composed of species with wide continental distributions, with the exception of Macrothemis lutea, M. griseofrons and Erythrodiplax leticia, which are restricted to northeastern Brazil. New occurrences and expanded distribution ranges of species are discussed.

Issue section: Article