Neocordulia caudacuta sp. nov. from the Coastal Cordillera, Venezuela (Odonata: Corduliidae)


Male, female and larva of Neocordulia caudacuta sp. nov. (holotype: Río Castaño, Aragua State, Venezuela; 21 vi 2007; deposited in MIZA) are described and illustrated. The new species belongs in the subgenus Mesocordulia. Male N. caudacuta differs from N. batest in details of hamule and penis, and in possessing a sharp, erect dorsomedian spine on abdominal segment 10. Female N. caudacuta has strongly outcurved cerci and is comparatively larger than its congeners. The larva of N. caudacuta differs from that of N. batesi longipollex in having larger occipital tubercles, higher number of premental and palpal setae, and in the presence of lateral spines on abdominal segment 9.

Issue section: Article