Three new libelluline dragonflies from southern Venezuela, with new records of other species (Odonata: Libellulidae)


Elasmothemis rufa sp. nov. (holotype: Venezuela, Amazonas, Río Cataniapo), Macrotbemis taurepan sp. nov. (holotype: Venezuela, Bolívar, El Paují), and Oligoclada garrisoni sp. nov. (holotype: Venezuela: Amazonas, San Fernando de Atabapo) are described and illustrated. All holotypes are deposited at MIZA. Macrothemis heteronycha and Micrathyria paruensis are recorded from Venezuela for the first time, and Micrathyria dunklei for the second. Some of their features are illustrated. Distribution maps of all these species are also presednted.

Issue section: Article