The name-bearing types of Odonata held in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe, with systematic notes on Afrotropical taxa. Part 2: Zygoptera and descriptions of new species


Orthographic details of 118 name-bearing types of Odonata and 11 ‘holotypes’ of forms, without nomenclatural status, are provided in two parts: the second and present paper deals with Zygoptera. The taxonomy of the gracilis-group of Chlorocypha and the Afrotropical members of Prodasineura and Aciagrion are discussed. Chlorocypha fabamacula is removed from synonymy with C. wittei; Pseudagrion superbum from P. serrulatum. Chlorocypba basilewskyi and possibly C. hasta are junior synonyms of C. tenuis their treatment as a subspecies of C. jacksoni and C. molindica respectively is rejected; Elattoneura tropicalis of E. cellularis; Agriocnemis dissimilis of A. palaeforma; Pseudagrion quadrioculatum of P. superbum; Pseudagrion williamsi of P. kersteni; Teinobasis malawiensis of T. alluaudi. It was confirmed that Chlorocnemis rossii is a junior synonym of C. flavipennis; Aciagrion congoense of A. africanum; Agriocnemis aligulae of A. maclachlani; Argiocnemis umbargae of Ceriagrion annulatum; Ischnura hilli of I. abyssinica. Africocypha ntaali is definitely a junior synonym of A. greyi, but their synonymy with ‘Libellago’ lacuselephantum must be investigated. Chlorocnemis montana maccleeryi is nearer C. abbotti than nominotypic C. montana, and is raised to species level. Aciagrion heterosticta karamoja is nearer A. gracile than nominotypic A. heterosticta, and is raised to species level pending further revision. Aciagrion dondoense sp. nov., a species formerly confused with A. zambiense and A. congoense (see above) is described. Africallagma sinuatum f. fugax pertains to a good species and is described as A. pallidulum sp. nov. The possible specific status of Platycypha caligata
f. lacus requires further study. Trithemis integra sp. nov., a species formerly confused with T. basitincta (see Part 1), is described. The spelling Pseudagrion sjoestedti (versus P. sjostedti) is advocated.

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