Neurobasis awamena sp. nov. from New Guinea, with a discussion of the Sulawesi and Papuan species in the genus (Odonata: Calopterygidae)


Neurobasis awamena, a new calopterygid species from the southern highlands of New Guinea (holotype: Pimaga area, 6°30′S, 143°30′E, 27 vii 1994, deposited at Naturalis, Leiden) is described and figured. It is distinguished from the widespread N. australis by its longer legs, irregular teeth on the male cerci, and the sharp demarcation of the iridescent color on the male hindwings. Its combined characters prompted a re-examination of the variability of N. australis throughout its range, and of the characters formerly used to distinguish the species of Neurobasis occurring from Sulawesi to the Bismarck Archipelago. A table comparing these species, a key, and a distribution map of the New Guinean species are provided.

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