A synopsis of the genus Triacanthagyna (Odonata: Aeshnidae)


This synopsis of adult Triacanthagyna includes the revalidation of two species thought to be synonyms (T. nympha and T. obscuripennis), the description of a new species (T. williamsoni; type locality: Peru, Tingo María), keys to both sexes, illustrations of diagnostic characters, and distribution maps of all species. A phylogenetic assessment of the nine species is included, using outgroup comparison and parsimony algorithm. The cladistic analysis shows Triacanthagyna to be partitioned into two monophyletic groups: (1) two species lacking humeral, interpleural and metapleural dark stripes on pterothorax and with male cerci narrowing gradually at tip (T. septima and T. obscuripennis), and (2) six species with male cerci bearing subbasal teeth (T. satyrus, T. caribbea, T. ditzleri, T. williamsoni, T. nympha and T. trifida).

Issue section: Article