Odonata from the Republic of Mongolia and from the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia


Thirty-five dragonfly species are reported from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. Three are first records. A non-parametric test is used to determine the total number of species to be expected. It suggests that the current number of 62 may be asymptotically complete, except for some specific zones like the Bulgan valley in the south-west, and the upper catchment of the Amur River, which have a distinctive fauna. From a biogeographic point of view, the Mongolian fauna is predominantly of impoverished Eurosiberian extraction. The south of Mongolia (the Gobi) and adjacent Inner Mongolia are, however, enriched with a significant fraction of East-Mediterranean and Irano-Turanian species, taking advantage of the Dzungarian corridor(s). This is particularly true of the fauna found in the small cis-Altai ‘exclave’ of the extreme south-west of the country. True Oriental species are rare, but East Palaearctic species (e.g. of the genus Cercion) are well-represented, especially south and east of the Gobi desert, which itself remains in need of further exploration.

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