An annotated checklist of the Odonata of Brunei with ecological notes and descriptions of hitherto unknown males and larvae


This study records 175 species of odonates from Brunei, representing more than half the known Bornean fauna. Of these, 169 species were collected by the author and associates using a systematic sampling protocol at 35 sites throughout the country. Sites were located in diverse habitats: in primary forest, natural lakes and marshes and degraded areas. Species richness and faunistic composition are discussed for all sites and the levels of similarity between sites is assessed on the basis of species and higher taxonomic level comparisons. Patterns of habitat utilization are assessed for higher taxonomic groupings. Notes on behaviour and ecology are provided for all species for which adequate information was available. The previously unknown males of Pericnemis triangularis and Drepanosticta versicolor comb. nov. and the larvae of Tetracanthagyna degorsi and Onychothemis coccinea are described and figured.

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