Aeshna (Hesperaeschna) condor sp. nov. from the Venezuelan Andes, with a redescription of A. (H.) joannisi, comments on other species, and descriptions of larvae (Odonata: Aeshnidae)


Aeshna (Hesperaeschna) condor sp. nov. is described and illustrated from four males and six exuviae. The adult color pattern does not resemble that of any other Venezuelan species, but structurally the new species comes closest to A. (H.) punctata and A. (H.) joannisi. This latter is here recorded for the first time from Venezuela, and its exuviae are described. The larva of A. (Marmaraeschna) vigintipunctata is also described and figured. A key to the ultimate instar larvae of all aeshnids found in the region of the upper Río Quinimarí, Táchira State, Venezuela, is presented.

Issue section: Article