Coryphaeschna huaorania spec. nov. from central Ecuador with keys to all species in the genus (Odonata: Aeshnidae)


Coryphaeschna huaorania sp. n. (holotype ♂ Ecuador, Morona Santiago Prov., pond 5 km N of Mendez jet., 6 Nov 1997; allotype ♀ same data; both to be deposited in FSCA, Gainesville, FL, USA) is described and compared with C. amazonica, C. apeora and C. perrensi. The new species can be recognized by having 3 transverse rows of cells in the fork of Rs for a distance of 2 to 4 cells, and a combination of reddish frons without a dark spot, green thorax with small brown mesepisternal stripes, a reddish abdomen, and epiproct about half as long as the cerci. Separate keys are provided to males and females of the eight species currently recognized in the genus.

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