Pseudagrion lalakense spec. nov. from Borneo with notes on its ecology (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)


Pseudagrion lalakense, a new species of coenagrionid from Borneo, is described and figured. The species is phylogenetically close to the very widespread and eurytopic P. microcephalum and the two fly together. P. lalakense may be distinguished from microcephalum and several other similar blue species by the pattern on the thorax and abdomen in both sexes and by the form of the male terminal appendages. P. lalakense is highly stenotopic, being known only from highly acidic black-water marsh in two localities in Brunei where it is associated with the sedge Hydrolitha. Activity patterns of P. lalakense appear similar to those of P. microcephalum but the two species differ in their preferred perches and oviposition sites. A list of seven species of other odonates flying in the same habitat is provided.

Issue section: Article