The subfamily Platycnemidinae (Zygoptera: Platycnemididae) in Thailand, with description of the final stadium larva of Copera chantaburii Asahina, 1984


Within the damselfly subfamily Platycnemidinae, eight species are currently recognized in South-East Asia. The final stadium larvae of only three of them have been so far described. The final stadium larva of Copera chantaburii is described and illustrated for the first time, based on reared specimens, and new provincial records both of larvae and adults of C. chantaburii are also provided. The larva of C. chantaburii can be distinguished from known species by the following combination of characters: square or almost horizontal rectangular shape of the outer lobe of the labial palp and fimbriated caudal lamellae that are stout at the base and narrow to an acute tip. The final stadium larva of Pseudocopera ciliata is redescribed with possibly diagnostic characters, such as the shape of the distal margin of the labial palp, the ratio of the length of caudal lamellae length and body length, setae on the margin of caudal lamellae and the setae on the terminal filament of the caudal lamellae.

Issue section: Article