Response to Trueman and Rowe (2019) ‘The wing venation of Odonata. International Journal of Odonatology


Trueman and Rowe (2019) claimed that they have finally solved the wing venation homologies for the Odonatoptera, refuting the previous models, and especially that of Riek and Kukalová-Peck (1984). Nevertheless, their proposal has several failures, viz. nature of the distal part of their “anal vein”, nature of the “MA”, and incongruence with recent results obtained by Jacquelin et al. (2018) on the morphology of the extreme wing base. Currently the only pattern of venation in total accordance with the known data is that of Riek and Kukalová-Peck (1984), as modified in Nel et al. (1993) and Jacquelin et al. (2018).

Issue section: Article