Description of the nymph of Gomphurus gonzalezi (Odonata: Gomphidae)


Gomphurus gonzalezi (Dunkle) is a locally distributed dragonfly ranging from the Lower Rio Grande in south Texas southward to San Luis Potosi state in northeastern Mexico. We describe and illustrate the nymph based on specimens from Hidalgo County, Texas. The palpal lobe of G. gonzalezi has 7–8 small teeth in a straight line with the bifid end tooth approximately the same size as the more proximal teeth, typical of the Gomphurus fraternus-group. Gomphurus gonzalezi is distinct from the other species in this group by the long, round-tipped posterolateral spines on abdominal segment 9. In the Lower Rio Grande, the nymphs of G. gonzalezi bury themselves in sand and mud in slow flowing reaches.

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